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Relining and Repairs of Full and Partial Dentures For Patients in Milton

If you are dealing with dentures that are uncomfortable, shift around and just don’t feel right, come to the Milton Denture Clinic for relining and repair services. Our team works with patients throughout the surrounding Milton community to fix, modify and adjust dentures so that they fit your mouth perfectly.

denture relining

Denture Relining

If your dentures are constantly shifting, relining can be a great benefit. Our denturists will create and add a new acrylic base to your dentures that has been molded to fit your mouth. You get the same durable dentures that you are used to, but with a brand new fit and an improved feeling of stability.

denture repair

Denture Repair

Your dentures are subjected to the same wear and tear as your natural teeth, and damage can occur over time. If your dentures have lost a tooth or the base has begun to split, it can seriously affect the level of efficiency and comfort that you experience. Rather than put up with a compromised bite, come to our clinic for fast and effective repairs.

For denture relining and repair services, contact the Milton Denture Clinic today.

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