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Full and Partial Dentures for Patients in the Milton Community

For serious dental issues, there is often no other option than to replace your teeth with dentures that have been customized to fit your unique needs. At the Milton Denture Clinic, our precision full and partial dentures will help to restore your smile, give you the ability to chew your food better, and improve speech and phonetics. We want you to walk out of our clinic brimming with confidence and with a smile you are proud to show the world.

full dentures

Full Dentures

A full set of dentures replaces all of the teeth of one or both the upper and lower arches. They provide complete relief from your dental issues, and create a new set of teeth that has been customized to fit your mouth and jaw for maximum comfort and efficiency. Full dentures are also easy to remove and clean, making their maintenance simple and convenient.

partial dentures

Partial Dentures

A partial denture appliance replaces only one or more missing teeth on the upper or lower arch, rather than acting as a completely new set of teeth. These are less invasive than full dentures, and allow you to utilize the remaining healthy teeth while still addressing your dental problems. Partial dentures will also brace your existing teeth and prevent them from shifting to the incorrect position, increasing their longevity. Due to their reduced size, partial dentures are often less expensive than full dentures, while still providing comfort and improved dental function.

Call today to schedule an appointment and learn whether full or partial dentures are right for you.

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